IDF soldiers await the Messiah at the Western Wall

by Leah Rosenberg

This says a lot about IDF soldiers. It says a lot about their goals and what they have in mind when they defend the Jewish people.

IDF Soldiers Sing for the Redemption

What can be more beautiful than this? The IDF soldiers, the defenders of Israel, singing out to G-d telling Him they are yearning for the redemption. The song they are singing comes from a commandment to await the Messiah; the redemption. It is based on Maimonides’ Thirteen Principles of Faith. The words in English are: “I believe with complete faith in the coming of the Messiah. And even though he may delay, despite that, I will wait everyday for him to come.”

And where are they singing this? At the Western Wall, hand in hand. This says a lot about IDF soldiers. The world wants to paint them as evil. The world spreads lies that they are oppressive and kill innocent “Palestinians.” That’s one of the lies spread around the UN and around college campuses. Except videos like these show the truth. The Israeli army is filled with men and women who just want to live in peace. Israeli soldiers fight to defend their homeland and their people because they have to. They wish they didn’t have to fight in wars. All they want is for the Messiah to come; for G-d to bring the redemption. If only the world understood that Israel’s army is filled with 18 year old children – yes they are basically children – who just want peace.

Dr. Kedar on Afghanistan
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