A Story Of The History Of Hebron

by Phil Schneider

The Jewish connection to Hebron goes back even longer than the Jewish connection to Jerusalem. Actually, even before there were Jews in the world, there was a connection between the Bible and Hebron.

The forefathers and mothers of the Jewish people were buried in Hebron after Abraham purchased the building and field in Hebron. The bond has just deepened ever since. From King David’s first Kingdom until today, Hebron has always been the 2nd holiest city to the Jewish people.

Today, there is a thriving, yet small Jewish community living in Hebron. It is small due to one reason. The Arabs massacred and kicked out the entire Jewish community that lived there in 1929. So, the resettlement had to start from scratch around 1970.

What is rather amazing is how the Jewish people around the world have such a deep bond with the city. The city has a unifying character much in the same way that Jerusalem unifies. This is an aspect that is often overlooked by those who wish to kick the Jewish community out of Hebron. No matter what, the Jewish community grows from year to year. There is no place in Israel that is indigenous to the Jewish people more than the city of Hebron.

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