Fake News Or Real News? Let’s Play

by Phil Schneider

Joseph Haddad exposes the truth in an excellent fashion. What is often portrayed as police brutality and IDF violence in the State of Israel is often clearly crafted fake Hollywood tactics.

Arabs in wheelchairs and stretchers getting up and running away is just the tip of the iceberg. But these video examples are the ones that there is clear evidence that prove how fake the anti-Israel propaganda truly is. Most of the fake reporting cannot be proved. But it has become part of the DNA of the Arab anti-Israel attacks. They need wounded Arabs to parade around in order to blame Israel for it’s “violence against innocents.”

Images are also created that are completely staged. Elderly Arabs are often brought into weep. But the best example of fake news is when soldiers from Chile or the Ukraine are used to portray Israeli soldiers. These blatant examples of intentional lies are so typical that Haddad needed to sift through all of the evidence to pick out the best examples.

But what is even more impressive here are the examples of Israeli compassion towards Syrian wounded in the never-ending Syrian Civil War. It is actually hard to believe that Israel would indeed allow in wounded from a neighboring country that was a clear enemy. This is such an exceptional idea that it is hard to believe that it is reality. But it is.

In the Middle East, truth and fiction are not easy to differentiate.

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