A heartbroken mother’s plea to bring her son’s remains home from Hamas

by Leah Rosenberg

Listen to this Israeli mother. Hear her story. Accept her tears. Her son was kidnapped and murdered by Hamas. And now these terrorists hold his remains.

An Israeli Mother Appeals to US/UN

It is heartbreaking enough that an Israeli mother has to experience the pain of losing her son to terrorism. Hadar Goldin was kidnapped and murdered in 2014 by Hamas. He was a brave Israeli soldier. And the kidnapping happened during a so-called “ceasefire,” which obviously Hamas violated. Hadar was supposed to get married to his soulmate one month later. Just one month before his wedding he was murdered. It is painful to hear this story.

But it is doubly heartbreaking that she has not been able to bury her son and get some closure. Hamas has been holding his remains as a bargaining chip. They are terrorists. They are violating international law. Will the United Nations finally do something about it?

The Pain of Standing up to Terror

Too many Israeli mothers have paid the price of standing up to terrorists. Sons have been taken far too soon. Husbands have been killed. Sisters, brothers, daughters – fighting for peace has taken all their lives.

It should not even be a question that Hamas is a terrorist group. It should not even be a question that people choose to support and defend Israel over terrorists. Yet, in the UN, it still does seem to be a question. But will they at least listen to this mother’s heart-wrenching plea to bring home her son’s body for a proper burial?

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