A camera just caught something amazing after 24 hours in the Biblical Grand Canyon

by Chaya Cikk

This camera caught the most beautiful sight possible. Deep in the desert is the Biblical Grand Canyon, Mitzpeh Ramon. An absolutely gorgeous place that you need to visit on your next trip to Israel.


Cameras have been around forever. They used to be built big and bulky and now everyone carries a camera on their phone in their pocket. There are some pretty amazing phones with cameras that can take unbelievable images. The images that were caught on this camera are just wow! Absolutely breathtaking.

Not to mention that there are no words to describe the beauty that God created in this world. I am thankful for the wonderful and breathtaking views that He creates and continues to create. It really makes me believe that God is there and wants us to enjoy the world.

Biblical Grand Canyon

The Biblical Grand Canyon is located in the south of Israel, in the desert, it is also called Mitzpeh Ramon or the Ramon Crater. The crater is a beautiful sight, it is 40 kilometers long and ranges from 2-10 kilometers wide.

Additionally, since this crater is located in the desert there is no pollution in the air. On a clear night, you can see all the stars above, which can be a truly beautiful and breathtaking sight. Furthermore, the desert is such a nice quiet place to go, where a person can truly think and reflect upon oneself. There are no cars or noise like there is in a city, enjoy the quiet.

Finally, there are so many beautiful sites like this all over Israel. When you next come to visit Israel the Ramon Crater should definitely be on your bucket list. There are so many beautiful hikes to do in the area and wonderful views to see. In fact, the Ramon Crater has a visitors center where you can learn about geography, geology, fauna and flora and so much more.

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