60 Minutes: Israeli Hostage Shares Harrowing Details of Her Captivity in Gaza

by Phil Schneider

Put aside the wrong assumptions of the 60 minute questions. What matters here are the deep and genuine pain felt by all hostages that Hamas has abducted and imprisoned. The terrorist organization Hamas is supported by the vast majority of Arabs who live in Judea and Samaria and by nearly all of the Arabs who lived in Gaza. So, any attempt to spread the lie about innocent Arab civilians who are suffering is an outright lie. It is a frightening thought, but millions of Arabs in Israel’s midst – not all of the Arabs – are actively working to dismantle and terrorize the Jewish State. 

Every single woman that was abducted by the Hamas organization was in absolute danger of rape, torture and killing. These are all norms for the radical Arabs who dehumanize Jews. The Hamas organization is not driven by injustice or by their feelings that their Land was taken away. This is the case for several reasons.

First of all, no more than a sliver of the Arabs who live in Gaza or Judea and Samaria are descendants of Arabs who lived in the Land of Israel for generations. The vast majority have grandparents who came from Syria or Egypt in search of upward mobility from the Jewish agricultural investement in the Land of Israel. The bond is no deeper than 2 or 3 generations for nearly all of the Arabs. That is why Arabs don’t chant, “It’s Our Land!” or pray towards the Land of Israel. They chant “Kill the Jews” (Itbach Al Yehud), and pray towards Mecca.

Secondly, people who are fighting over land do not behead babies or rape the wives of their enemies. Those people who do these things are evil. It is that simple.

Israel is fighting evil. Israel has been lambasted by the Western media for decades, especially by CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS. Of late, MSNBC has been leading the way in their outright lies about Israel. Will they see the light and continue to take the side of the terrorists? Will 60 minutes now finally understand that Israeli women are abducted, tortured and killed because of evil people and not because of a land dispute?   

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