The Disturbing Similarity Between UN Officials and the Nazis

by Leah Rosenberg

Are there UN officials who are promoting Nazi ideas? Listen to this and decide for yourself. And UN officials are not the only guilty ones.

UN Officials Need a Major Reality Check

The UN has become a complete joke. And for those who still can’t see it, there is no hope. There are UN officials who are actually promoting a logic that the Nazis promoted when trying to defend themselves at the Nuremberg Trials. Sadly, the UN is not the only group promoting this idea.

Many throughout the world have used this logic to demonize Israel in its response to the horrific October 7 massacre carried out by Hamas. From colleges to the media, there are those claiming that Israel’s response is “disproportionate” to what happened. They claim that Israel is killing too many civilians. All their arguments are absolutely absurd and ridiculous. The IDF is not out to kill any innocent civilians. Their goal is to eradicate Hamas and ensure that nothing like October 7 ever happens again to the Jewish people. Yes, it is unfortunate that there are innocent people killed. But that is solely the fault of Hamas who endangers the lives of its civilians. No one made these claims against the allies during WWII or against America after it went to war following the 9/11 attacks. Only Israel is targeted with the claims of a “disproportionate” response. Only Israel is told that it kills too many civilians during a JUST war that it is fighting to destroy a TERROR organization. Not enough people are blaming Hamas for this war or the civilian casualties.

The UN and the world should be ashamed of themselves for supporting terrorism and promoting a Nazi logic which was obviously shut down during the Nuremberg Trials. Enough of this insanity! When will it end?

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