Wuhan 2.0: Confirmed. The US Is Funding Bio Labs In Ukraine

by David Mark

The Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland dropped a bombshell in congressional hearings by admitting that the US in fact has been funding biological research facilities in Ukraine.

For weeks we have been told that Russia was spreading disinformation about “secret bioweapons labs” in Ukraine. Multiple government agencies made it clear that the US is not funding bio weapons labs in Ukraine.

However, as was reported here last week, the DoD on its very own site clearly states that the US is funding Biological Research Facilities across Ukraine. There is little difference between a research facility and a bioweapons lab other than the intent and purpose of use – essentially semantics.

The admittance of the US government, that it is intimately involved with developing what appears to be a Wuhan 2.0 situation is shocking. These labs exist in a war zone and if something should happen to the labs,, the contents could spread around the world.

One has to ask themselves the following question. Is the present US government incompetent or willfully setting up a situation where another pandemic may arise?

Russia may be the aggressor in this conflict, but the US government has tremendous culpability when it comes to instigating the current war.

As I wrote last week: “Putin may be brutal, but given what came out of Wuhan, these bioweapon research facilities in the Ukraine appear to be an existential danger to Russia. Why would he want to take a chance with an increasingly brazen NATO on his doorsteps and the threat of bioweapons?”

The blurring of the moral lines between the political class in Washington D.C. and traditional adversaries undermines the US argument that it has the moral upper hand in the current conflict and beyond.

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