2,500 year old toilet in the City of David verifies a painful truth

by Leah Rosenberg

It is incredible what discoveries in the City of David prove about Jewish history and the Bible – even when it verifies something tragic.

Ancient Toilet in the City of David

The many discoveries in the City of David reveal mind-blowing things about the past. It is not only that the discoveries reveal things, but they verify the Bible.

When the First Temple was in the process of being destroyed and Jerusalem was besieged, the situation was dire. The prophets tell us in the Bible how tragic it really was. The starvation. The poverty. The deprivation. It is painful to read about. But it is part of history. It is part of the Jewish story of destruction and survival. And so, Jews learn about this time period. We remember it and mourn it. The fact that a toilet reveals what the people of Jerusalem ate during their last moments there is incredible. We are talking about thousands of years ago! This should amaze everyone.

How Much More Proof do You Need?

How much more proof does the world need that Israel is the ancient Jewish homeland? Even the toilets from thousands of years ago prove the truth about the Bible and about Jewish history. It’s insane that people still deny such strong evidence of an ancient Jewish homeland. The Jews clearly did not steal land from anyone. If you know history, you’d know that the Jews lived in their land in Israel before Islam even existed. That alone should disprove the “Palestinian” claim to Israel.

But sadly, it seems like the world is just blind to the truth.

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