The Left’s twisted way of eradicating racism from the world

by Phil Schneider

Dr. Seuss is a threat. That’s right – Dr. Seuss. Is there anybody today who grew up in the Western world who did not grow up on Dr. Seuss? Is there even the slightest reason to think that the world was somehow negatively affected by the masses who grew up on Dr. Seuss?

The absurdity screams to high heaven. The new norm of hypersensitivity is actually a super-insensitive norm that is destroying us. It needs to come to an end. Political correctness must be fought and the woke culture must be defeated.

People’s lives are being negatively affected via cancelling of so many things and people who are perfectly harmless. If Dr. Seuss is a major threat, than we are in big trouble. If the real threats to society are overlooked, then we are in even more trouble. We need to wake up and smell the coffee.

One does not need to be a Trump supporter to recognize that Donald Trump did a great job of shining the spotlight on the main issues of the day. CNN and so many other networks truly do broadcast fake news. China is the greatest threat to the Western world, and unbridled immigration will bring the United States to it’s knees. We must endure the next 2 years in the United States and win back Congress in a big way in 2022 if we want to have a bright future in the United States.

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