2,000 year old words that will bring tears to your eyes

by Leah Rosenberg

The Jewish people have been longing for Jerusalem for thousands of years. When you hear the way a nation longs for its holy city, it’ll bring you to tears.

Longing for Jerusalem

Jews have been longing for Jerusalem since their enemy destroyed the second Temple. For thousands of years, the Jewish people have prayed for, hoped for, and sang about their holy city. The Bible, prayers, songs, grace after meals, and other Jewish texts all mention the city’s name in different forms. It is so obvious that Jerusalem belongs to the Jewish people that it is absurd for people to claim that Jews have no connection to their eternal capital. The city’s history and archaeology speak for themselves. The walls are enough proof.


Kinot, or dirges, are sad poems that various authors wrote over the centuries since the Temple was destroyed. There are many different texts that describe different exiles and struggles that the Jewish people have endured from the initial exile and on. The texts are painfully sad to read. There is a custom to read Kinot on the 9th of the month of Av in the Jewish calendar – in Hebrew known as Tisha B’Av. That is a specific day set aside where Jewish people remember and mourn the loss of the Temple – aside from the fact that the Jewish people think about their holy city every single day of the year.

Translation of the Lyrics

Ari Goldwag, a famous Jewish singer, composed a beautiful tune to some words from a text in one of the kinot. The words and translation are below.

Ad ana b’chyiah b’Tzion u’mispeid b’Yerushalyim.
T’rachem Tzion v’tivneh chomot Yerushalayim.

Until when will there be crying in Tzion and eulogy in Jerusalem?Have mercy on Tzion and rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.

We can only hope and pray that Jerusalem will be rebuilt speedily in our days.



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