10 IDF Combat Soldiers Did Something Unprecedented in History

by Leah Rosenberg

The Jewish people and Israel are good at making history and spreading light to the world. Look at this joint wedding of IDF combat soldiers!

IDF Combat Soldiers Do Something Unprecedented

How unbelievable is this? Did you ever expect that IDF combat soldiers would make history in such a way? This is pretty cool, to say the least.

And what message does it send to our enemies? That the Jewish people continue to live and build families. We continue to bring more good in this world and spread joy despite all that our enemies try to do to us and take away from us. They try to destroy us, and we create more life. They try to break us, and we build more. Hamas and the rest of the Jewish people’s enemies represent death, and the Jewish people represent life. Anyone who can’t see the truth about that is completely ignorant and blind. It is so obvious that the people of Israel bring more light into the world and that our enemies bring darkness.

Do you see Hamas holding happy celebrations celebrating life, love, and marriage? No, and you won’t. Because they don’t value those things.

The Jewish people have faced persecution, oppression, expulsions, and more throughout history. And yet, the nation of Israel has always come back and rebuilt. They never gave up and let the chain of the Jewish people break. It’s truly remarkable.

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