Zionists Teach the BDS Movement How to Boycott Israel

by Phil Schneider

The State of Israel has been at the forefront of an enormous amount of technological advances. To truly boycott Israel means to basically turn back the clock on technology around 50 years. The State of Israel is where more life-saving advancements originate from than from nearly any other country. And this from a country with just around 10 million people.

The Boycott Israel movement is a purely anti-Zionist movement that is the new version of age-old anti-Semitism. Any time that a group sets out to “starve” or “boycott” another group, it is based on one thing – hate. For Communists, this is nothing new. This is the way Soviet Russia dealt with dissidents and anyone they decided to remove. Those who are calling for a boycott of Israel say very clearly that they want nothing less than the destruction of the State of Israel. A cursory understanding of history would lead to the clear conclusion that the State of Israel is the only insurance that the Jewish people have from mass murder. The BDS movement understands this well.

But before jumping on the BDS bandwagon, one should step back and consider just what a blessing the State of Israel has been for the entire world – and the Middle East in particular. The human rights violations in the Middle East are many – especially against children and women in Arab countries. Israel’s openness has exposed tens of millions of Muslims to a reality that they can live in a more free and upscale society. Children – yes, even Muslim children, do not need to be taught violence, and women can live more liberated lives – within the Muslim world. Changes are already going on in some relatively moderate Arab countries, and Israel is a major part of it. Israel should be raised up on a pedestal, not lambasted, for it’s accomplishments.

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