You Won’t Believe What Was Discovered in Jerusalem from 2,000 Years Ago

by Leah Rosenberg

So many archaeological findings have been discovered in Jerusalem. And these findings reveal the truth about the eternal capital of Israel.

Financial Record Discovered in Jerusalem

The fact that something like this was discovered in Jerusalem is remarkable. It would be cool if something this old was discovered anywhere in the world. But this is the ancient, holy city of Jerusalem we are talking about! It’s as if the past has been just waiting to be uncovered in the future. The truth never goes away. People claim the Jews don’t have any rights to Jerusalem – their capital from King David’s time. That is the most absurd thing one can say!

People who claim to be atheists and not religious will negate any argument brought from the Bible that Israel and Jerusalem belong to the Jewish people. So, how can you prove the truth to them? Show them history. Show them archaeology. There is tangible evidence that shows us the history from the land of Israel and from Jerusalem. There is proof that the Jewish people have been here for thousands of years.

You just can’t make this stuff up. Every piece of archaeology discovered in Jerusalem says something about the history from long, long ago. It might seem like something as “small” as a financial record. But all of these artifacts tell us the stories of the past. They are all significant. Every discovery has something to share.

The archaeologists are doing fascinating and important work. They are literally digging up the truth before our eyes!

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