You Won’t Believe What the Children of Nazis are Doing on a Farm in Judea

by Leah Rosenberg

This is truly remarkable. Yes, Jewish history has been filled with difficult times. But we must never ignore the positive moments!

The Ups and Downs of Jewish History

The Jewish people have been around for thousands of years. And when there are that many years in Jewish history, there are going to be both positive and negative times. Life can be difficult, and the story of the Jewish people is filled with difficult moments. Exiles, pogroms, riots, the Holocaust – there were times in Jewish history where we felt defeated.

But the Jewish people never lost faith. They continued building despite their enemies trying to constantly break them. They continued to bring more life into the world despite their enemies hatred of life. They continued to find the positive in the world.

How can we ignore the good that exists? How can we forget about positive times in Jewish history? There are big moments and seemingly small moments. There are times in Jewish history that were good for the Jewish people on a large scale, like the building of the Temples and being so close to G-d. There have been moments like the return to the Jewish homeland after thousands of years of exile. And then there are moments like this one – the children and grandchildren of Nazis helping build up Judea and Samaria and helping build a Chuppah for Jewish weddings. These types of moments matter, too. They bring light to the world. There really are no words for what these Germans are doing to help the Jewish people. This is one of those positive moments that must always be remembered.

These Germans know the importance of Judea and Samaria. Now it’s time for the rest of the world to know as well!

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