WATCH: Bibi Schools Western Media On Judicial Reform

by Micha Gefen

Bibi was interviewed by Piers Morgan on the uproar surrounding Israel’s Judicial Reform while the Prime Minister was in London. The interview shows why Prime Minister Netanyahu is the best at what he does.

Despite the Left’s international propaganda campaign claiming that Israel’s judicial reform will render it an autocratic state, the Prime Minister was able to skillfully use his interview with Piers Morgan to deflect the unfounded attacks and set the record straight.

Netanyahu proved why the right appeared to be caught off guard regarding the judicial overhaul and also showed why his role, which was denied to him by the attorney general had been sorely needed over the last few months. Of course this was all by design. The leftwing establishment understood that if they could keep Bibi from helping to settle the dispute, they could claim all sorts of things, which they did.

In the coming month it’s critical for the government and the rightwing to sell the reform package to Israelis and the international community in order to neuter the Antifa style protests.

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