You Won’t Believe What King David’s Neighborhood Looks Like Now

by Leah Rosenberg

Efrat is absolutely beautiful. It’s not only physically beautiful, but its spiritual beauty is deep and longstanding. King David lived there!

King David Lived in Efrat

The Bible comes to life in Israel. The redemption has begun. Seeing the places where actual events in the Bible took place is remarkable. And now, the hills of Judea are filled with Jews who returned home. Seeing Efrat flourishing this way is nothing short of miraculous. King David was there thousands of years ago, and look at how much it has grown in modern times! It’s amazing that Israel’s great king grew up in this area.

The land of Israel was desolate for far too long. And then, the Jewish people came home. G-d allowed the process of redemption to begin. And although we are still yearning for the completion of the redemption, we cannot ignore the fact that we are living in miraculous times.

Who would have thought that so shortly after the Holocaust, the Jewish people would create the modern state of Israel, allowing many more Jews to come home as the years went by. G-d has performed modern miracles for the Jewish people, and we must thank Him! We must be grateful for what He has blessed us with.

Efrat is just one example of how the redemption has begun. We can literally walk in the same places as our forefathers and foremothers in Efrat and throughout the entire land of Israel. If you really internalize that, it’s impossible to not be in complete awe.

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