You Won’t Believe What Happened to This Arab Kid in an Israeli Hospital

by Leah Rosenberg

What a story this is! There are so many incredible things that took place in this story that happened in an Israeli hospital.

The Medical Miracle in an Israeli Hospital

Welcome to Israel. This type of story will never make the news headlines, but that’s why Yoseph Haddad is there to share it! This miracle is amazing in general. How can you not see G-d’s hand here? The story would obviously be remarkable as well if we were walking about a Jew in an Israeli hospital. But the fact that it was an Arab kid who was saved in an Israeli hospital tells the world something loud and clear. Israel is not an oppressive state. How can anyone hear this story and think otherwise?

Israeli doctors save both Jews and Arabs alike. And Jewish and Arab doctors work side by side with each other to help people. It is something truly amazing. If you have never been to an Israeli hospital before, you should go in to visit. You should see the diversity when you walk through the halls. Jewish and Arab women give birth in the same hospitals. Arab and Jewish men, women, and children are all treated by the doctors – regardless of their religion.

This is the case in Israel in general. There are Arab taxi drivers, IDF soldiers, police officers, restaurant owners, and more. That is most definitely not what an apartheid state looks like. And anyone who doesn’t see the truth needs a major reality check.

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