You Won’t Believe What Happened in This Northern Israeli City

by Leah Rosenberg

You need to know what happened in the Israeli city of Afula. The mainstream media won’t tell you the good that exists between Jews and Arabs.

Arab Kosher Restaurant in Israeli City of Afula

This should make the news headlines! The media should stop misleading the world about Jews and Arabs. Yes, there is conflict. Things are definitely not perfect. But the world thinks there is constant fighting in Israel in every Israeli city at all times. And that’s just not true. There is plenty of good that exists. Jews and Arabs are friends – yes, FRIENDS!

The Arab owner of this restaurant did not have to make his restaurant in Afula Kosher, and he did not need to make it a high standard of Kosher. But he did. People should know this story because it says something deep. It’s not just about food. There is partnership between Arabs and Jews. There is connection and kindness.

This is not the only example of that. The media loves to spread negativity and conflict. They love to mislead the public. And it’s time that people knew the truth. It’s time for the world to start searching a little deeper after hearing all the news stories about Israel. The full story is often not shared. And when you don’t get the fully story, you will create views about Israel that just are not true.

Come to Israel. See for yourself if you haven’t yet. And while you’re at it, make sure you grab some shawarma from this Kosher Arab restaurant!

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