You won’t Believe this Little Girl’s Voice…

by Abi

Beautiful music combined with the voice of an angel leaves results that are not to be missed. This little girl’s voice will make your day.

Agam Buchbot (her name means “lake”), 9 years old from Beer Sheva sings this beautiful song in duet with the composer, Moshe Peretz. Agam, is from the Israeli reality show “music school” and Moshe is her coach on the program.

The words of the song are as beautiful as the music.
“To walk towards the light,
To fly like a bird,
and to journey through thousands of sounds.
To learn from what’s good, to know how to love,
and beyond.”
Of course in Hebrew – it rhymes…

Hope is something that continuously drives the Jewish people forward. Faced with the continuous problems that are thrown our way we look at the past, learn from and try to move forward. Jewish history has so many stories with timeless lessons that we continue to learn from everyday.

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