The Prophetic Video That Predicted Exactly what Would Happen to Israel if Obama Won

by Phil Schneider

Barack Obama claimed that he wanted to be a transformational President. He wanted to leave the world a different place than it was when he assumed the Presidency. He succeeded. The world became a much more dangerous place on his watch and for years afterwards. There were some foreign policy blunders that did not have major ramifications, such as everything that had to do with Russia and the Ukraine. But then there were more serious things like the tragedy in Benghazi when four US citizens were killed due to an ineffective response. But the crown jewel of the horrible foreign policy of the Obama administration was the deal with the Iranians.

Obama and Israel. It’s not just the Republican Jewish Association. People have noticed the antagonism of the Obama administration towards Israel since Obama took office in 2009. Obama has become notorious for endangering Israel’s very existence at every opportunity possible. The latest, the Iran Nuclear accord, has devastating consequences for the world and for Israel in particular. Even if Iran chooses not to use the nuclear weapons that it will ultimately build, Israel’s ability to deter terrorist activity will be greatly impaired. It seems that Barack Obama is intent on weakening, even annihilating the Jewish state in a diplomatic “politically correct” manner. Thank God, his plans were largely reversed by the Trump administration. But Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu deserves a lot of credit too. He knew how to give in to Obama, and when to confront him, and in the end, Obama is out of power, Netanyahu is hanging in there, and the Iranian regime is dealing with the effects of crippling economic sanctions on it’s economy.

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