You May Never be Stuck in a Traffic Jam Again Thanks to This Israeli Startup

by Leah Rosenberg

People get impatient sitting and waiting in a traffic jam, and they end up losing money. The environment suffers as well!

Traffic Jam No More?

Can you imagine how much the world would change if the issue of being stuck in a traffic jam disappeared? If you no longer had to wait in hours of traffic throughout the week – or even sometimes day? You would save time, money, and energy. The environment would suffer less because of less pollution from the sitting, running gasoline. Basically, life would be significantly better.

Well, this Israeli startup might be solving that! And if they prove to be successful, those who travel for work will have their quality of life improved. And it’s not even only those who travel for work. Whatever the purpose of traveling is, the experience can be far less aggravating and less time consuming.

Israeli Startups Change the World

There are many Israeli startups, and those that prove successful really seem to better the world. It is amazing how much good the Israeli people have done for the world at large. And it is mind-boggling how much people ignore all of Israel’s contributions!

Whoever chooses to boycott Israel is truly missing out on an improved life. And honestly, even if they think they are boycotting Israel, they most likely aren’t. Why? Because so many things were developed in Israel that it is nearly impossible to give up on everything Israeli-made. They can try, but they won’t succeed. Meanwhile, the rest of us will thank Israel for everything it has done for the world!

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