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Former MK Yehuda Glick Arrested on Temple Mount


Former MK and Temple Mount activist Yehuda Glick was arrested Tuesday morning while visiting the Temple Mount with two US congressmen.

Although Yehuda Glick is a known activists and has been up to the Temple Mount 1000s of times, today’s arrest was especially worrisome as he was on tour with two congressman.

Glick is considered one of the leaders of the Temple Mount movement and has been responsible for mainstreaming the idea of visiting the Temple Mount in the broader Israeli society.

Yehuda Glick was nearly killed a few years ago, when a terrorist attempted to assassinate him for his work. Although Glick is considered by many “Palestinian” leaders as a right wing extremist, he anything but. In fact, he has attracted countless Muslim supporters around the world to his cause of pushing for equal rights for Jews and Christians to pray on the Temple Mount.

Yehuda Glick was released after a lengthy interrogation later the same day.