Wow – Did You Know This About Famous Jewish Singer Leonard Cohen?

by Leah Rosenberg

Leonard Cohen might be famous for his music, but what he felt about Judaism and his values will blow you away.

Leonard Cohen and His Beliefs

It is pretty amazing to have such a popular Jewish musician who felt so strongly about his Jewish values, the Jewish people, and Israel. Leonard Cohen was most definitely not a nobody. He was extremely well-known. And the fact that he openly spoke about his belief in the Torah and Judaism is beautiful. He was a proud Jew and didn’t try to hide his identity.

There is a lot to learn from that. If someone so much in the spotlight can stick to his roots and hold on to his values so strongly, we should all be able to. We should never be embarrassed of who we are. Being a member of G-d’s chosen people is something to be dancing with joy about!

And another thing: Cohen’s love for Israel and the people of Israel was clear. Performing an impromptu concert for soldiers in the desert during the Yom Kipper War is something special. He cared for his fellow Jews and his homeland.

How often do people forget their values? How often do Jews worldwide try to push away their Judaism to “fit in?” And how often do Jews ignore Israel and what’s happening in their ancient homeland? Leonard Cohen should be famous for a lot more than just his music. The next time you listen to his music, think about who he was and what he stood for.

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