World Economic Forum Wants To Chip Our Brains

by Micha Gefen

The World Economic Forum, currently meeting in Davos has a bunch of new items on their agenda.

Perhaps the most frightening part of the WEF agenda is their very real intention to chip everyone’s brains. Of course they couch it in different terms – painting chips as positive additions to our lives.

The WEF site says the following: “We may wish to give dyslectic children new opportunities through implants that translate in real-time. On the other hand, dyslexia is a personal trait. Do we want to change that? As a society, we need to make a choice: do we want to accept human limitations associated with learning or aging? The final application realms, gaming and even intelligence augmentation, may seem farfetched, but only the future can tell.”

The fact is, once a brain has chip, the powers at be will be able to control the flow of information into the brain. No one will able to know if they can trust what they see or hear again.

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