Israel’s Enemies Just Realized the IDF is Unstoppable

by Leah Rosenberg

Being in the IDF is different than being in other armies. Take a look at what being an Israeli soldier is all about.

What it Means to be in the IDF

It is most definitely not easy to be in the Israel Defense Forces, or the IDF. You have to be strong – not only physically, but mentally. You have to know what you are fighting for and what your values are. Israeli soldiers are taught to have morals. They are taught to protect rather than to kill. Israel’s enemies are taught to kill – not to protect. The difference is clear. It is mind-boggling that the world doesn’t see it.

When you are a soldier in the IDF, you are fighting for not only yourself and your family but for the entire Jewish people. You are fighting for the one and only Jewish state. And do you want to know the secret weapon of the IDF? What Israeli soldiers have that Israel’s enemies don’t have? G-d protects Israeli soldiers. G-d protects His people and His land. And when you have G-d on your side, you will win at the end of the day. Having faith and knowing that the Creator of the world has your back is what an IDF soldier needs to defend his people and country. Yes, he needs his weapons too. He needs his training. But when a soldier believes that G-d will protect him and his mission to protect the Jewish people, he can overcome any obstacle.

And that is how the IDF is unstoppable.

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