Woman Rescued from Direct Hamas Rocket Hit in Ashkelon

by Avi Abelow

One woman was miraculously rescued from a building in Ashkelon that suffered a direct hit from a Hamas rocket. The man right next to her was killed by the rocket attack. The man was a Muslim Arab from the surrounding area of Hebron, illegally in Israel. He is the one person killed so far from the hundreds of rockets fired into Israel by Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, in Gaza.

Rescue Team Comes to Save the Injured Woman

The Ashkelon Fire Department came to the scene to extract the woman from the wreckage in the fourth floor apartment that she was in. They said that “because this is a difficult scene with a lot of destruction, firefighting and rescue forces acted to extract several people who were trapped, while at the same time firefighting forces were putting out and cooling gas tanks that were on fire. In such a complex scene, searches are also done on nearby structures until the entire scene is declared clear of casualties.

“During the firefighting and rescue operations, there was another direct hit of a structure far from this scene, and most of the forces were diverted there following information of great destruction and a large number of people trapped and wounded. All firefighting and rescue forces returned immediately upon finishing work on the second direct hit and worked until the last of the trapped people was extracted.”

Hamas Statement

Hamas’s military wing threatened to target Israeli cities Ashdod and Be’er Sheva if the IDF continues attacking civilian targets in Gaza. Islamic Jihad threatened to fire rockets even further away from Ashdod and Be’er Sheva.

“What has been happening since last night and until this morning was part of the traditional response that Israel expects. In the coming hours, something the enemy doesn’t expect will come,” warned a spokesman for Islamic Jihad. “The continuation of aggression in this manner—the targeting of homes, public places and civilian population centers—will lead the resistance to make the decision to expand the range of response. The resistance has decided that the settlers beyond the cities of Be’er Sheva and Ashdod should remain near shelter.”

New Israeli Prime Minister
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