With Everything Going On, We Must Believe The Mashiach Is Coming Soon

by Phil Schneider

What could all of what is going on possibly mean? Meilech Kohn is a one-of-a kind singer. He knows how to inspire like so few others can. This fascinating artwork of a video will take you on a trip through modern Jewish history with the use of sand, a canvas, and a very talented set of hands.

When things are tough, it is only natural to turn to a higher authority for divine guidance and help. Whether it is a person suffering during a world calamity like the Holocaust during World War II, or a person struggling to get through the present world pandemic, the ancient song of “Ani Maamin,” “I Believe,” has inspired people worldwide. It is the belief in a better time that will one day come in the End of Days.

How can one not pray for a better, freer time than we see today? There are so many people who are suffering, so many people who have passed away in the last month in the world. It seems almost like there is no way out of the present Coronavirus. But there is. We just don’t see it. There are things that are beyond our understanding. One day, perhaps we will understand more. But for now, we must believe in a greater Authority that runs the world, and that this is part of His plan. I believe!

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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