Will Israel Attack Iran This Way?

by David Mark

The NSA and others are acknowledging that Israel is set to go it alone against Iran, but how does the tiny Jewish State plan on wiping out the Iranian nuclear program?

Reports indicate that Israel is progressing towards a unique enhancement of the F-15 fighter jet to allow it to carry the GBU-57. The GBU-57 is the most advanced bunker buster bomb around. However, the US has a ban on its sale. Perhaps, this is why Bibi has been so keen on meeting with Biden. If he can convince the US administration that they should sell it to Israel then assume an attack is coming.

Herzog to Azerbaijan

Why is the President of Israel flying to Azerbaijan? For only one reason – Iran. Azerbaijan is perhaps the most strategic ally of Israel’s. It is to the North of Iran and is considered a fierce enemy of Tehran. The Mossad often runs missions from its side of the border. Herzog’s visit is meant to shore up the alliance as well giving a nod for a potential attack coming from Azerbaijan into Tehran itself.

Whether or not Israel directly bombs Iran or sends the Mossad into to do it- an attack is coming.

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