Why these Israeli children didn’t run to a bomb shelter will break your heart

by Chaya Cikk

These children thought the siren was for Holocaust Remembrance Day, so they stood at attention and didn’t run. They soon found out it was a rocket attack.

They were trying to do the right thing. Such small children should not know of such things. Hamas has instilled into the people living in the south of Israel fear. This is not how anyone should live.


Israel is known to have three sirens every year. There one siren on Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day. It is sounded at 10 am for 2 minutes of silence. Where Israel remembers those who were brutally murdered by the Nazis. Over 6 million Jews were killed, over 1 million of those were children. Israel remembers the lives that were lost. The price of living without a Jewish State.

On Yom HaZikaron there are 2 sirens, one at night 8 pm and one during the day at 11 am. Both of these sirens last for two minutes. The country comes to a standstill, everything is dropped and everyone stands for these two minutes. Whilst many remember family and friends that have fallen. Whether a soldier, who fell in battle or a friend that was brutally murdered by a terrorist. Israel remembers the lives that were cut short.

Air Raid Sirens

There is one more siren, that unfortunately, Israel hears too often. It is an air raid siren. This means that Hamas in Gaza are firing rockets and one needs to take cover, either by lying down with their hands over their heads or in the nearest bomb shelter. These sirens are becoming part of daily life for people in southern Israel.

In 2019, with Yom HaShoah having passed and Yom HaZikaron coming up, many assumed that these air raid sirens were just the sirens of the day. But Hamas May 2019, from Saturday – Monday morning fired over 500 into southern Israel, injuring many and killing four people.

Bomb Shelters

Many think of bomb shelters as part of history, somewhere people hid in the times of World War Two. However, in Israel they are still in use, homes can not be built without a bomb shelter. For those homes that do not have there are many cities that have public shelters. Many shelters are decorated with bright colors on the inside and out so as, if the time comes to use the shelter children are not afraid.

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