Why Israel should prevent Omar Shakir from entering the country

by Phil Schneider

Omar Shakir has a job as the Human Rights Watch Director of Israel and Palestine. Well, that basically says it all. He, like other anti-Semites acts and speaks as if there is a State of Palestine that exists. This is the biggest lie of the Middle East. There never was a State called Palestine. But there was an area called the Palestine Mandate run by the British for 30 years. But Arabs took this and created a fake identity called “Palestinians.” You will never hear a 70 or 80 year old Arab use the term Palestinian, because they never referred to themselves as such. But the younger generation knows that it is the key to the lie that claims that Arabs are some form of indigenous population to a Land called “Palestine.”

Whose Land Is It?

The Arab claim to the Land of Israel is very weak. That is because there are countless proofs that indicate that the entire area of the Land of Israel had been empty for centuries until the very late 19th century. There were some small Jewish enclaves in Jerusalem, Safed, Tiberias, and a few other places. And, there indeed were a few scattered Arab towns too. But neither side numbered more than tens of thousands of people in the entire Land of Israel – for centuries. Often, there were fewer than ten thousand people outside of Jerusalem. The Land was empty more than anything else. The big change happened in the 1880’s and especially in the early 1900’s when thousands and then tens of thousands of Jewish people immigrated to Israel. Most came from Europe and Russia to escape pogroms with dreams of a Jewish homeland, but some came from Arab Lands in the Middle East. These were the people who laid the foundations for the future Jewish State. They in turn also brought massive foreign investment from the Rothschilds and others into the Land of Israel. At the time, there were tens of millions of Arabs in Egypt, Syria, and Saudi Arabia. When they heard that there was work in the Land of Israel, tens of thousands of Arabs traveled to the Land of Israel. These Arabs largely came in the early and middle of the 20th century. They were Egyptians, Syrians, Saudi Arabians, or as they usually simply called themselves – Arabs. Two to three generations later, these people turned into hundreds of thousands of Arabs.

But, in the 1970’s and 1980’s some bright anti-Israel marketing people came up with the concept of creating a new nationality out of thin air. This lie was adopted by the anti-Israel elements in the press and has been repeated ad nauseum in order to change the narrative. Arabs learned to use the lie to win world sympathy. Omar Shakir continues this line and is a leader of this line of thinking. He can use nice sounding words such as “Human Rights Watch” to hide behind. But, all he is doing is continuing to propagate a lie that is decades old – the lie of a fake “Palestinian” people.

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