Why is the Reform Movement supporting Grooming of Children?

by Ezequiel Doiny

James Lindsey wrote “Before the last year or so, two terms you wouldn’t have expected to encounter together are “drag queen” and “early childhood education,” but we’re now about three years into a full-fledged Communist revolution in the Western world, which has made it not only commonplace but shoved all in our faces. Here we are in the midst of June, “Pride Month,” 2022, and the Leftist collision of drag queens and young children has been center-stage all month long, including in schools…

it is virtually undeniable: what we’re dealing with in schools is Marxism, specifically Queer Marxism here, and it has turned our schools into Groomer Schools…”(Please listen to the full podcast here)

The Woke left is grooming children as young as 3 year olds to destroy the nuclear family and promote marxism. They are promoting transgenderism to 3 year olds to increase political power.

Transgenderism is being promoted in children’s books, cartoons and advertisements.

On April 15, 2023 Patty McMurray wrote in the Gateway Pundit “Why Is No One Asking Why The Left Is Fighting So Hard To Keep Porn On The Shelves of Our Children’s School Libraries?

“…Parents are now becoming aware of the need for “book review committees” with parental participation on them to screen the inappropriate materials flooding into school libraries in the US. Recently, in New Hanover County Schools in Wilmington, NC, conservative school board members have been pushing for this. Liberal board members are opposing them…”…leftists/ liberals continually wrap themselves up into pretzels trying to justify “obscenity” by labeling it free speech…
“…So, what can parents do? Two suggestions: Find out if your school district has a SEAB or some sort of sexual advisory committee that reviews the material that is utilized in school libraries and classrooms.  

Volunteer to serve on such a committee so that your voice of reason and common sense can be heard!  

“It is no surprise that inappropriate sexual material becomes the norm and the teaching standard in schools when leftists/liberals predominate on SEABs and local school boards.

” Fairfax County, Virginia, has one of the largest and richest school districts in the nation. Twenty years ago, they started promoting “Heather Has Two Mommies” to little kids. In recent years, the sexual revolution has gone into hyper speed, with oral and anal sex being introduced to middle school kids in Fairfax County. Terminology such as “sex assigned at birth” was incorporated into the K-12 sex ed curriculum…”

The PJ Library is organizing a “Drag Queen Story Hour” for “Preschool 3-5 years” and k-2nd grade “5-7 years” (please see link below)

The Women of Reform Movement Website informs it is a involved in PJ Library with generous grants. 

“PJ Library® sends free Jewish children’s books to families across the world every month…WRJ Involvement in PJ Library® Program With generous grants from the YES Fund, WRJ has been a partner with the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) and the Harold Grinspoon Foundation (HGF) since 2012…”

One of the goals of the “YES” fund is “to strengthen the Reform Movement and ensure the future of Reform Judaism.”

“The YES (Youth, Education, and Special Projects) Fund represents the collective financial efforts of individual donors and WRJ-affiliated sisterhoods to strengthen the Reform Movement and ensure the future of Reform Judaism.”

(NOTE TO A NON-JEWISH READER WHO DOES NOT KNOW ABOUT JUDAISM: Not all Jews support this. The Reform Movement is different than Orthodox Judaism)

Why promote transgenderism to children as young as 3 year olds?

James Lindsey explains “The word of the year in education and regarding our children has been “groomer,” which is widely banned across social media now as a result (along with James Lindsay from Twitter for calling this problem out). In the Marxification of education, which is its remaking into a system of Marxist conscientization, schools can be said to have been transformed into groomer schools. Specifically, while the terms “thought reform” and “brainwashing” have been used in the past to describe this process, the term “grooming” is even more applicable given the nature of the process of conscientization, including its specific subject matter. It’s a tremendous problem that demands understanding and a solution. Here, New Discourses Founder James Lindsay summarizes what he means by the term “Groomer Schools” in this third of four presentations on the Marxification of Education delivered in late July 2022 in Arlington, Virginia, on location in the now-famous Loudoun County, ground zero for the fight for America’s schools.  As a result of the research that produced this lecture series, Lindsay has written a detailed and accessible book on the issue titled The Marxification of Education…”

In his book “The Marxification of Education” James Lindsey explains “Education is in bad shape in America and beyond today. It’s obvious. Everyone perceives it. Something is going badly wrong in our schools. Our children aren’t learning as they should be. Their mastery of core academic curriculum like reading, writing, history, mathematics, science, and civics has declined to crisis levels and shows no signs of improvement. Meanwhile, they’re all learning to be activists, turning their backs on their nations, societies, and even their parents and religions. Instead of correcting course, school curricula keep veering into “social and emotional learning (SEL),” Critical Race Theory, cultural competence, culturally relevant education, Queer Theory, Radical Gender Theory, Comprehensive Sexuality Education, decolonizing the curriculum, and even drag queens. What’s going on? The answer is simple. Their education has been stolen from them. Activists have spent the last forty to fifty years taking over education and transforming it into something different: not mere indoctrination but brainwashing. The transformation of education from education to neo-Marxist thought reform follows significantly from the work of a Brazilian Marxist by the name of Paulo Freire, who is little-known outside of South America and colleges of education. In this book, The Marxification of Education, James Lindsay, founder of New Discourses, breaks down the contents and impact of Freire’s disastrous work so that you can understand it and, hopefully, put a stop to it.

Critical Race Theory, cultural competence, culturally relevant education, Queer Theory, Radical Gender Theory, Comprehensive Sexuality Education, decolonizing the curriculum, and even drag queens are being pushed in schools to promote Marxism.
In his book Race Marxism James Lindsey writes “

Critical race theory is one of the hottest and most controversial topics in the world today, but what is it, really? Rightly understood, critical race theory is a reinvention of an older, terrible idea, Marxism, using race “as the central construct for understanding inequality” in place of economic class. That is, critical race theory is race Marxism. The evidence of this claim is so overwhelming upon even casual examination that it is a shock that it isn’t immediately plain to everyone who encounters it…”

In the video below Patrice Cullors the cofounder of BLM says “we are trained marxists”.

Jon Miltimore wrote “Black Lives Matter’s Goal to ‘Disrupt’ the Nuclear Family Fits a Marxist Aim That Goes Back a Century and a Half…”…As I pointed out in a 2017 article, Karl Marx was interested in abolishing much more than just private property. In The Communist Manifesto, Marx and his associate Frederick Engels defend attempts by Communists to abolish the traditional family.  “Abolition [Aufhebung] of the family! …” Marx wrote. 

“…Marx and Engels proceeded to compare the nuclear family to public prostitution, before explaining why it was natural and desirable for the institution to “vanish.”  

“The bourgeois family will vanish as a matter of course when its complement vanishes, and both will vanish with the vanishing of capital…” 

“From where does this hostility to the family stem? Marx and Engels offered clues.  

“The modern family contains in germ not only slavery (servitus), but also serfdom, since from the beginning it is related to agricultural services,” Engels wrote in The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State, quoting Marx. 
“It contains in miniature all the contradictions which later extend throughout society and its state.”  The hostility to the traditional family did not die with Marx and Engels, however. One of the first steps the Bolsheviks took after seizing power was to begin a decades-long struggle to abolish marriage and weaken the traditional family.  
“The issue was so central to the revolutionary program that the Bolsheviks published decrees establishing civil marriage and divorce soon after the October Revolution, in December 1917,” writes Harvard historian Lauren Kaminsky. 
“These first steps were intended to replace Russia’s family laws with a new legal framework that would encourage more egalitarian sexual and social relations.”

“…Even today the aversion to the traditional family remains strong in socialists. A 2019 article in The Nation titled “Want to Dismantle Capitalism? Abolish the Family” offers a glimpse of the modern socialist critique of the institution.  “We know that the nuclear private household is where the overwhelming majority of abuse can happen,” author Sophie Lewis explains. “And then there’s the whole question of what it is for: training us up to be workers, training us to be inhabitants of a binary-gendered and racially stratified system, training us not to be queer.”

The woke left is currently pushing legislation to take children away from parents. On March 26, 2023 Cullen Linebarger wrote in the Gateway Pundit 

‘State Sanctioned Kidnapping’ — California Democrat Pushes Bill That Would Allow Therapists to Snatch Children From Parents Without Trial “…If one California Democrat has her way, school counselors in California will be able to take residents’ children away from them and help place them in state housing facilities.  This would all be done without parental knowledge, and no trial or evidence would be necessary.  

“The Post Millennial reports that the bill would allow therapists to send a gender-confused child to a residential shelter facility without due process or parental knowledge.”

The disruption of the nuclear family is key to advance Marxism and that is why CRT and Queer Theory are being promoted.

In this podcast James Lindsay explains “CRT, Queer Theory, and Marxism by Any Other Name…”…Classical Marxism therefore becomes a matter of teaching the disenfranchised workers, who are marginalized and exploited in the unjust system of capitalism, to realize how things really work, seize the means of economic and material production (like factories and farms), and then use that to control the means of societal and human production, consciously and in line with Marxist anthroposophy about the purposed endpoint of society, which is Global Communism.
” In other words, there’s no reason that other types of exclusive or private property than capital might not be plugged into this political economy machine and spit out another fully formed Communist theory.
” This allows Marxist Theory to mutate according to need in whatever society it finds itself in, depending on where the biggest levers of power against that society might reside.  
“Take race, for example. If one assumes, as did Cheryl I. Harris in 1993, that “whiteness” defines a special form of property that certain people (“whites”) can treat as exclusive, a complete Marxist theory of race can drop out of the political economy machine. They call it “Critical Race Theory,” and, for reasons that are about to be perfectly clear, I call it “Race Marxism.”
” Here’s how it works, comparing against classical Marxism with a forward slash between the concepts.  Some people (whites/capitalists) unjustly declare themselves the exclusive possessors of a special form of private property (whiteness/capital), thereby divide society into those who have it and those who don’t, and begin to arrange society such that the power granted through that access increases for those people over time. 
“Those excluded from the resource and thus power by this declaration (people of color/workers) are thereby exploited for their productive capacity that is then turned into surplus value (cultural property/profit) for the advantaged class. Not only are the exploited thereby robbed of what they produce (cultural property/labor value), but they are estranged from who they really are (valid representatives of a culture/producers). 
“More specifically, the product of their work (cultural production/labor) is subsumed into the privileged class (becomes part of white culture/is turned into profit), leaving the exploited (people of color/worker) impoverished (culturally/materially) and unable to recognize himself for who he really is (say, authentically Black/a producer). All this is enabled by the privileged class structuring society at its most fundamental levels for their own benefit (structural or systemic racism/structural classism), justified by the privileged class promulgating an ideology that it’s how things are supposed to be (white supremacy/capitalism and meritocracy). 
“People in this dynamic system can be awakened to the structural “realities” of their lives and become (race/class) conscious activists (antiracists/proletarians) who work to seize the means of production (cultural/material) of their society to make it more fair (equitable/socialist). Eventually, this will be generally understood as the right way to order a society and will, through their praxis inverting into the inversion of praxis and thus socially conditioning people to accept it, become spontaneously fair (socially just/communist).

“This extends to other forms of property, construed more abstractly as not just material as in capital and land, but also as social, cultural, and even human capital. This allows for the instantaneous creation of the entire constellation of “Identity Marxist” theories of identity politics with virtually no work (which makes it funny how much work it has taken these people to devise this stuff). Again, technically none of these is a theory (they’re all anthroposophies and/or theosophies).

“Here’s a quick summary:  Marxism: The bourgeoisie claims access to a special form of property called capital. They create an ideology called capitalism (based on things like meritocracy) to justify this. This allows them to structure society with structural classism that advantages the bourgoisie and exploits, estranges, and disenfranchises the working class. People can be made aware of the Marxist theory of societal production and become class-conscious proletarians or a bourgeois vanguard operating in solidarity on their behalf. If they seize the means of production of society and Man, they will usher in socialism that will eventually ripen into Communism through the inversion of praxis.

“Critical Race Theory: The whites (and their adjacents) claims access to a special form of property called whiteness. They create an ideology called white supremacy (based on things like meritocracy and racism) to justify this. This allows them to structure society with structural or systemic racism that advantages whites and exploits, estranges, and disenfranchises people of color. People can be made aware of the Critical Race theory of societal production and become race-conscious antiracists and/or “white allies” operating in solidarity on their behalf. If they seize the means of race-cultural production of society and Man, they will usher in racial equity that will eventually ripen into racial justice (a kind of social justice) through the inversion of praxis…  

“Queer Theory: Straight people whose “gender identity” and sex match (and those who pass as such) claim access to a special form of property called normalcy (by declaring themselves the normal ones and defining normalcy to mean like themselves). They create an ideology called normativity (e.g., heteronormativity and cisnormativity) to justify this. This allows them to structure society with structural or systemic homophobia and/or transphobia (or, generally, queer-phobia) that advantages the “normal” and exploits, estranges, and disenfranchises “queers” (anyone different, especially gays, lesbians, bisexuals, the gender non-conforming, transgenders, and the mentally ill). People can be made aware of the Queer Theory theory of societal production and become queer-conscious (“proud”) allies operating in solidarity on their behalf. If they seize the means of normative cultural production of society and Man, they will usher in gender, sexual, and sex equity that will eventually ripen into gender, sexual, and sex justice (a kind of social justice) through the inversion of praxis…”

The efforts of the woke left to promote this are being protected by the Biden’s DOJ and the FBI. Dov Fisher wrote in Arutz 7

“In America, a wacko Attorney-General, Merrick Garland, publicly tagged parents as “domestic terrorists” 

US Senator John Kennedy wrote “Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.), a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and every Republican member of the committee urged Attorney General Merrick Garland to withdraw his memo directing the FBI to investigate parents, making it clear that federal law enforcement does not equate concerned parents with domestic terrorists. 

 “In light of a disturbing new revelation about the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division following your directive, we call on you to withdraw your October 4 memorandum and make abundantly clear through words and actions that no arm of the government, including the offices under your command, may be used to chill criticism of local government officials,” the senators wrote. 

 “Parents and other citizens who get impassioned at school-board meetings are not domestic terrorists. You may believe that, but too many people involved in this issue seem to think harsh words can be criminalized. Getting the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division involved in the matter only makes this worse—dramatically worse. Therefore, we call on you to work with us in coming to a resolution on this matter,” the senators concluded.  The full letter is available here…”

Just the News reported “New revelations of FBI efforts to infiltrate Catholic Church provoke storm of protest…

we do know that the DOJ and the FBI were spying, for instance, on parents and school boards too. So so how broad does this go? And why is it that they are focusing so much on the religious and on those who have a real sincere interest in preserving the their children’s education?”

Woke leftists are grooming 3 year olds, want to take children away from their parents, want to “disrupt” the nuclear family to advance Marxism but if you oppose their radical agenda they accuse of of being transphobic. The disruption of the nuclear family was promoted by Marx himself as a necessary step to the advance of Marxism.

 Why is the reform movement supporting this?

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