Why calling President Trump a Nazi is absurd

by Michael Sax

The left is so busy hating President Trump and calling him a Nazi to realize that it makes absolutely no sense. He is popular in Israel, and he is doing good things for the JEWISH state – would a Nazi do that?

People claimed Trump was a Nazi

There are some heavily shared pictures of people giving the Nazi salute and supporting Trump. The media heavily used these pictures during the election. They wanted to discredit Donald Trump. However, actions speak louder than words. We have seen that since taking office, President Trump has been incredibly supportive of Israel and the Jewish people. He even moved the US embassy to the capital city of Jerusalem. This is something that Obama, Bush and Clinton all said they would do, but never carried out.

What is a Nazi?

Nazis started in Germany in the 1920’s. It was based on a political party – the National Socialists. The Nazi supporters incorporated fervent antisemitism, scientific racism and eugenics into its creed. They banned Jews from attending schools and destroyed their property. The Nazis thought they were of a higher race and systematically murdered six million Jews. They also killed political prisoners and other ‘undesirable’ people. Additionally, they murdered physically and mentally handicapped people.

So when people use the word “Nazi” today, they probably aren’t using it correctly. However, it is clear that President Trump is not a Nazi. Rather, just the opposite is true. He is a strong supporter of Israel and the Jewish people in face of Islamic terrorism.

Speaking the truth

The media loves to talk about Trump. However, we need to be able to distinguish fact from fake news. The media needs to focus on important facts instead of being a platform for leftist liberal made up claims.

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