Who do Arab Israelis want to govern them?

by Gavriel Dan

In this video Muslim Arab Israelis are asked simply “Who do you want to govern you – Jews or Palestinians?” Watch below for the surprising answer.

It is no secret that most Muslim Arabs living in Israel overwhelmingly prefer Jewish rule rather than that of the Palestinians. It is true many of the leading Arab politicians seem to feel opposite, but the street disagrees.

While it may seem it may seem the opposite of how the media portrays Israel, Israeli Muslims Arabs have everything they could want within Israel. Unlike in the rest of the Middle East, Arab Muslim Israelis receive free health care, first world infrastructure, respectable wages, and real representation.

When asked on camera: “Who do you want governing you?” Most said bluntly: “The Jews.”


“We live well. If someone’s husband dies they receive money. If someone is injured they receive social insurance. If you are in a traffic accident you receive all your rights. Someone who works and retires from that job after 20-30 years receives compensation, pension. In a Palestinian State you don’t get that.”

Ultimately, as more and more Muslim Arab Israelis realize and speak up about how good they really have it in Israel, they may actually work up the nerve and quit voting in politicians that want to ruin it for them.

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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