Which Group is Really Being Targeted Across America Now?

by Phil Schneider

The Black Lives Matter movement would have you think that it is Black people, and that white people are perpetrating the crimes. But, you may be surprised to see that the group that is being targeted the most today are the Jewish people. Yes, anti-Semitic attacks are not just on the rise. It has become stylish to hate Jews. Why? Why is there a seeming sudden rise in anti-Jewish attacks against Jewish students and Jewish people as a whole?

The answer is that anti-Jewish hatred has never NOT existed in the world. It just was not felt as much in the decades following the Holocaust. The world took a break from outward expression of anti-semitism in the years after 6 million Jews were wiped out by the Nazi war machine and their collaborators. But now, the haters have found a comfortable target that has become politically acceptable, even politically stylish to target – the State of Israel and it’s supporters.

Well, a Jew is assumed to be a supporter of the State of Israel, just like a man or woman of Chinese descent is assumed to be a supporter of China. So, the logic goes that if a Chinese lab in Wuhan created the Covid-19 virus, then all Chinese people should be blamed for that. Right? No – that is called pure racism of the 1st degree. Well, that is what is going on with the Jewish people today – all over the United States of America. The Jewish people are being targeted by people who have a new great excuse for their actions – they oppose Israel because of their concern for the human rights of the so-called “Palestinians.”

This short interview exposes what is known by those who have more experience with the Jew-haters. There is no need for an excuse to hate Jews. The haters will continue to hate no matter what. But they must be fought so that the confused understand that joining the anti-Semites is a decision to join in with the rabble that gets it’s energy from pure hate and not logic.

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