Netanyahu Takes the Stage Again to Wake up the World about Iran

by Phil Schneider

If there is one issue that will always be associated with Benjamin Netanyahu, it is the idea that he has never stopped leading the State of Israel in focusing on the threat from Iran. Since 1979, when the Ayatollahs overthrew the Shah, Iran has steadily built itself up into the most implacable foe of the State of Israel. But it has not merely been the threat of the atom bomb being used against Israel, it has been the constant buildup of weapons via Iran’s proxies that are located all around the State of Israel that has endangered Israel for decades.

Iran has been enemy #1 of the State of Israel since 1979 – exactly the same year that Egypt signed a peace treaty with Israel. That is the reality of life in the Middle East for the State of Israel. At no time has there ever been a time when Israel survived peacefully with it’s neighbors. There has always been at least 2 of it’s borders that have been hotbeds of terror hell-bent on destroying the State of Israel. From before the State’s inception in 1948, and onwards till today, the most that Israel has ever been able to hope for is relative calm.

Perhaps the reason that Benjamin Netanyahu has been so popular is that he has largely achieved relative calm during most of the years of his being Prime Minister. However, his record also includes failures alongside his successes. In addition to outwitting Barack Obama during the eight years of Obama’s appeasement towards Iran, Netanyahu did not sufficiently take advantage of the years of the Trump administration to solidify Israel’s hold on vital parts of the State of Israel.

What will perhaps also turn into one of Netanyahu’s most lasting achievements will be the Abraham Accords that the Trump Administration brokered between Israel and the more moderate Arab countries. This maneuvering will probably be viewed as a masterstroke that Netanyahu helped achieve and may bring Israel into a more stable future with many of it’s neighbors in the Middle East.

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