When IDF Soldiers Take a Break from Defending the Jewish People, They Do This

by Leah Rosenberg

IDF soldiers are brave. They defend Israel and the Jewish people with their strength and their souls. And sometimes, they do this.

IDF Soldiers Dancing at a Concert

This is a video of religious soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces dancing during a concert of the famous, legendary Jewish musician, Avraham fried. There is something really beautiful about this. IDF soldiers deserve a break. They deserve to dance happily and sing freely. They need a chance to unwind from their duties of defending the Jewish state and people. Even though they might want to defend their land and people, they also enjoy doing “regular” things.

Music has a major place in Judaism. It is not something insignificant. Singing and dancing are part of Judaism. The various prayer services have songs built in. At Jewish weddings, the family and guests sing and dance with great joy. Every holiday has different songs that are sung. The list goes on and on.

The world might know and love music as well. But there is something unique about it when it’s Jewish music. There is so much meaning. Jewish music is a way to connect to G-d. King David connected to G-d through song and music. He wrote the book of Pslams. He played the harp. Music has the power to be spiritual if we choose to listen to the holy music that G-d placed in the world for us to enjoy.

And that is exactly what these IDF soldiers are doing. They are enjoying G-d’s holy music with complete joy.

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