When a Hassidic Jew met a Muslim peace activist in his home in Saudi Arabia

by Leah Rosenberg

Mohammed Saud deserves to be recognized as an honest and true Muslim peace activist. And he has definitely become more known recently.

The Muslim Peace Activist Who is Making a Difference

This video is golden. Mohammed Saud, a Muslim peace activist, and Shloime Zionce, a Hassidic Jew, met in Saudi Arabia last year in January 2020. Saud opened up his house to the Jew. He loves Jews and loves Israel, and he is quite vocal about it.

Watching this video makes you feel like peace is possible. It makes you feel like there are good people in the world who just want to live side by side peacefully. They don’t want war, and they don’t want fighting.

More about Mohammed

Mohammed Saud has been very public about his support for Israel and the Jews. He has made video after video to vocalize what he feels. It is truly courageous and amazing to be so supportive of a place and people that so many in the world are not supportive of.

Can you imagine if more people were like Saud? If more people saw the truth about the Jewish nation and Israel? Maybe the Middle East would look different. Maybe the world would look different.

The Muslim Arab world doesn’t have to hate Jews. They don’t have to have a culture of such intense hatred and violence. There are many Muslims in the world who are peaceful and want to spread their messages of peace.

This video is not just an insignificant video of two people meeting each other. It is a video that shows what the world can be like if only more people opened their hearts.

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