Saudi blogger proclaims his love for Israel’s Religious Zionist Party

by Leah Rosenberg

This guy is one of the best supporters of Israel. Mohammed Saud isn’t afraid to proudly support the Jewish state!

Saudi Blogger Sings out to Israel

It’s not the first time that Saudi Blogger Mohammed Saud has professed his love for Israel, and it probably won’t be the last. Saud is a public Israel supporter. He stands up for the Jewish state and loves the Jewish people. In the past, he has made videos singing Jewish prayers, he has told the world why he loves Israel, and more. Saud has even hosted Jews in his home! How cool is that? It is not everyday that you hear about a Saudi Arabian hosting Jews in his home in an Arab country.

Here he is singing to Israel’s Religious Zionist Party. Israel is in election season -again. And Mohammed Saud has made it clear who he is supporting! Not only does Saud love Israel, but he loves religious Jews. It is truly fascinating. Many Jews in the world don’t even support Israel as strongly as he does! He understands that Israel is a blessing to the world.

Arabs Who Support Israel

Although not all Arabs will proclaim it as loudly as the famous Saudi Blogger, there are definitely Arabs who support Israel. Especially after the Abraham Accords were signed, more love for Israel came pouring across Arab countries. Israel benefits the entire world – including the Arab countries. If only more people realized that.

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