What’s happening to European Jews better wake up America

by Avi Abelow

European Jews live their lives with fear. When will the next attack be and against which Jewish establishment? Statistics show their fears are legitimate.

European Jews and Antisemitism

Although antisemitism in Europe is nothing new, it has only gotten worse. These statistics reveal the frightening truth. European Jews are targeted. They are being attacked. By Muslims. By Neo-Nazis. And by people who feel that Jews don’t belong. How can the Jewish people live like this anymore? Men, women, and children alike have been the victims of terrible attacks. Cemeteries have been vandalized. Jewish Schools, synagogues, and museums have been subject to these hostilities. The Jews of Europe feel it. They feel the hatred. And they no longer feel safe.

The Lessons for the USA

America is a wonderful country. But they cannot ignore what is going on in Europe and think that the antisemitism won’t make its way to the US. It already has. Too many Jewish lives have already been destroyed. Synagogues attacked. College campuses are infused with students and faculty who want to see Israel and the Jewish people wiped off from the face of the map.

We must fight against antisemitism. It is quickly spreading around the world. And if we do not stop it now, the hatred will pervade the entire globe.

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