What’s Behind The Riots Over Judicial Reform In Israel?

by David Bedein

To the outside observer, passions behind the riots which have swept the state of Israel may not be understood. After all, what is the big deal over cosmetic changes in the high court of justice?

Well, ever since the early days of the Oslo process in 1993, the Israel legal system sanctified every possible relationship with members of the Palestine Liberation Organization.

The demise of the peace process and the return of the PLO to a full scale of war with the Jews means that citizens of Israel who accrue profits from business with the PLO may now be viewed by the Israel legal system as criminal.

And if there is a change in the composition of the Israel high court, business with the PLO might be traitorous.

What are the dimensions of Israel Jewish investment in the Palestinian Authority, which works under the aegis of the PLO? 

The Israel Globes economic newspaper last week published a whopping figure of $2.8 Billion that Jews in Israel have invested in the PA over the last year alone, at a time when more than fifty Israel corporations operate inside the PA.

Passia, the authoritative Palestine Academic Society for International Affairs, reports in its 2022 yearbook that more than 135 nations now pour unaccounted for humanitarian donations into the PA for health, education, and welfare, while there is simply no record keeping as to the whereabouts of cash donated to the PA.

The Israel law enforcement system turned a blind eye as to medical equipment donated to the PA which is then sold on the open market or used for weapons purchases.

So long as the notion of a peace process was prevalent, the Israel legal system did not want to intervene.

Now that the PLO has resumed war with the Jews, those Jews invested in the PA now assume that their heads may be on the chopping block. Jewish business with the PA will now be defined by a new High Court in Israel as treason.

Hence, the numbers of Jews who demonstrate in violent vigils against the judicial reform proposed by the government of Israel. 

Protesters in Israel do not confine their demands that changes in the courts be reconsidered.

Three hundred rioters who stormed a beauty parlor where the prime minister’s wife was having her hair done were not only demanding a change in the Israel juridical system. That mob wanted blood.

What has occurred in Israel over the past few weeks is that lethal concessions made by Israel to the PLO and sanctified by the Israel High Court of Justice have suddenly the Israeli public like a ton of bricks.

During a seeming peace process, the Israel High Court of Justice over the past thirty years allowed as many as 9,000 felons convicted of murder and attempted murder to walk free  – if they would only sign on to peace.

Since 1992, the Israel High Court of Justice has rejected all petitions to reconsider such decisions which ignored possibilities of recidivism. 

Meanwhile, mainstream media in Israel is only now beginning to report to the public that the Palestinian Authority has enacted a law which offers an automatic salary for life for anyone who murders a Jew, and a gratuity for life to the family of the killer – if he dies as a martyr while in the act of murdering a Jew.

People in Israel know that the PA pays killers.

No one knew that this was a matter of PA law.

Originally published on thej.ca

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