What you’re about to see only happens in Israel

by Phil Schneider

A whole group of deer or ibex cross the street in Israel. However, they not only cross in orderly fashion, they cross according to the law – exactly as they are supposed to cross – on the dotted line. Israel is anything but a third world country. But, there are some things that surely raise an eyebrow that are not uncommon in this Middle Eastern wonder of a country.

Old and New in Harmony

It is not uncommon to see the most advanced technological things going on in this small country, and then drive down the street and see some camels sitting alongside the road.

Israel is an amazing combination of old and new. It is a country that is just as steeped in history as it is a leader in the new and exciting hi-tech world. Some think that this is one of the things that fascinates the average tourist. You can feel the excitement and modernity of the Start-Up Nation in Tel-Aviv and walk through the Western Wall Tunnels on streets that King David walked on – all in the same day.

As so many people say, “Only in Israel.” Everybody has their things that resonate with them about this unique country. But there is nothing like being here. Seeing is believing.

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