What you need to know about Bibi’s latest comments on Iran

by Gavriel Dan

Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu warned Iran over their drive to destroy Israel. Yet, his insistence that unity is the key to survival is a clear hint to his rival Benny Gantz to hurry up and form a unity coalition with him.

Why such pressure? There is an IDF. If something happens with Iran, the IDF can swing into action with or without a coalition. However, despite the army being in solid shape there is more to this than is reported.

With Israelis increasingly getting nervous on the prospects of a third election, Bibi’s statement is not without merit. In fact, as Iran continues to surround Israel, the political stalemate increases the chances of a serious conflict. Israel’s government is only a caretaker government and therefore cannot pass a budget, make decisions on foreign policy, or reallocate resources. This last point is what makes the situation precarious. The IDF needs to upgrade its missile defense systems in light of Iran’s new capabilities revealed after they struck a Saudi oil field. With this upgrade needed and no government being able to reallocate the resources, the IDF is stuck.

So when Prime Minister Netanyahu says that unity is key, he is not only talking about all of us, but more specifically pointing a finger at the one guy holding back a National Unity government.

Dr. Risch

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