What “The View” Said About Kamala Harris Will Make You Laugh

by Leah Rosenberg

Is Kamala Harris the future leader of the Democrat Party? With every passing day, it seems like the answer to that question is yes. The Democrat Party has a major problem in that it has no young leaders that are looking to walk into the big shoes of Barack Obama. Perhaps that was the greatest weakness of the Obama administrations. There was no cultivating of future leaders on almost any level. It was an Obama-centered administration in almost every way.

Donald Trump’s nomination in 2016 should have raised many eyebrows of businessmen and businesswomen with political aspirations. The outsider image turned into more of a positive than a handicap. It is exactly what is needed in the Democrat Party today. And yes, there are Democrat leaders in the waiting who are considering making the jump.

What is needed is a Democrat with conservative or old fashioned liberal values willing to speak in a politically incorrect fashion to the general population. Somebody who is willing to say that a man is a man, a woman is a woman, and people can choose as they wish to live their private lives as they like. But, nature cannot be destroyed by woke ideology.

A candidate who speaks in an orderly fashion about a return to old liberal values may actually rally the Democrat Party back to a situation of normalcy. Does anyone have the guts to stand up and be attacked for doing it? Perhaps Robert Kennedy is that person. Kamala Harris is not the messenger of change. She is merely the giggling version of Obama with less ideological backbone and less experience organizing communities.

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