What Liberals are doing is undemocratic

by Leah Rosenberg

Wild Bill doesn’t hold back anything in this anti-liberal video.  He thinks that the liberal attacks on the right have gone too far.  On this, he is right.

He calls liberals who support abortion centers “worse than Hitler” and calls Planned Parenthood centers death centers.  He even uses the words “extermination camps” when he refers to these centers.  On this – he is wrong.  Totally wrong.

Wild Bill is a clear-headed person who makes many great points, but not this time.

Abortion vs. Systematic State-Sponsored Genocide

There is a fundamental difference between a racist decision to systematically kill off an entire race like Hitler did and a liberal ideology that allows people to choose to abort their babies.  Nobody forces women to abort their children in America.  You can think that abortion is morally wrong, abhorrent or any other adjective.  You can think that the Roe v. Wade decision was one of the worst decisions in modern times.  Perhaps abortion is even murder in your opinion.  But, nobody forces a woman to abort in America.  America in the liberal dream paradise of the likes of Barack Obama or Bernie Sanders is light years ahead of Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

Free Speech Under Attack

Free Speech in America is under attack.  But to say that the “Nazi propaganda movement is like a mirror of today’s Democratic party” is absurd.  Yes, free internet speech is under attack today by liberals.  But, the liberal media and leadership is not a dictatorship in waiting.  Yes, free immigration may bring America to it’s knees as it is doing to Europe.  But, the liberal leaders of America do not strive to kill their opposition.

Wild Bill and other defenders of freedom need to harness their own speech in order to defend our true freedom of speech.  We need to avoid bombast if we want to move the dial to the right.  Whether it is the Supreme Court decisions or immigration reform, reasonable arguments exist to shift people from the liberal to the conservative viewpoints.

Let’s stick to the facts and put aside rhetoric that is filled with wild exaggerations.


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