What Is The One Thing That Anti-Israel Arabs Hate Even More Than Israel?

by Phil Schneider

Any true liberal should be a staunch Israel supporter. There is no liberal value today that anti-Israel Arabs stand up for. There is only one value that is at the heart of the anti-Israel Arab movement – the destruction of the State of Israel.

Joseph Haddad is a pro-Israel Christian Arab who served in the Israel Defense Forces. Yes, Arabs can and do serve in the Israel Defense Forces. This fact confuses many of the anti-Israel writers who have misguided ideas of Israel being the equivalent of South Africa.

In actuality, Israel is the antithesis of South Africa in nearly every way. First of all, the Jewish people in the State of Israel are the indigenous people in the region, with a super-rich history that goes back well over 3,000 years to this region. Secondly, Israel is the country that Arabs run to in order to receive life-saving health care from their civil wars. Lastly, Israel is the one country in the region that offers true freedom of religion to all people of all faiths.

That is why what Joseph Haddad does is so valuable. He destroys so many stereotypes through the force of straightforward logic and his personal example. What would happen to a person like Joseph Haddad if he would live in Syria or Egypt and say what he says?

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