What Iran’s new weapon tells the next US President

by Leah Rosenberg

Who will the next US President be? If it’s Trump, we know he stands strong against Iran. If it’s Biden, he must realize the Iranian threat.

The Next US President and Iran

President Trump pulled out of the dangerous Iran deal. We know he sees Iran for what they really are. He knows they cannot be trusted. But if Biden becomes the next US president, is he going to make decisions that will threaten America, Israel, and the Western world at large?

Iran’s unveiling of their newest weapon proves that they are not interested in peace. They do not want to make deals. And they do not want to stop threatening the world. Their goal of destroying the Western world has not changed. As they said in this video to those in Iran who seek violence, “Your fingers must always be on the triggers.”

If Biden officially wins the presidency, he must open his eyes to the truth about Iran. He cannot and should not undo all the pressure that Trump put on Iran to help stop their terrorism. If Biden ignores the truth, he will be putting the entire world at risk.

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