What has Islam contributed to the world

by Phil Schneider

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Many different religions have contributed much to the world. But some religions have contributed more than others. The Islamic religion goes back around 1,500 years. The Christian religion goes back approximately 2,000 years. The Jewish religion goes back around 4,000 years. The Christian and Islamic religion are both offshoots of the Jewish religion and each have a very rich heritage. But the Jewish religion is clearly the oldest.

The Khazar King

Around 1400 years ago, there was a king of a kingdom known as the Khazars. The kingdom extended through areas that are today Turkey, Afghanistan, and perhaps Iran. The king was bothered by a persistent dream that he had in which he was told that his intentions are positive, but his actions are not positive. This bothered him enough that he decided to go on a search in order to find what God’s will was for him to do. He knew that indeed he was a well-intentioned person. But, he went on a search in order to find the right religion. His search ultimately brought him towards a Jewish scholar who explained that the heart and soul of Jewish practice goes back to the fact that God revealed himself at Mt. Sinai to the entire mass of Jewish people.

But the contributions that the Jewish religion have brought to the world were recognized much more by the early pioneers of the United States of America. John Adams, George Washington, and Benjamin Franklin all understood far better than we do today that the Jewish religion has brought a code of ethics and Godliness into the world that has informed the spirit of freedom and independence and respect for others.

Today, the State of Israel is the main beacon of light for the entire world through which the Jewish people contribute so much to humanity. But what we see today is a mere shadow of what the future will bring. Things will continue to grow and the State of Israel will become an even more bright light of all that is good in the world.

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