What Biden has Really Caused in Afghanistan has now been Exposed

by Phil Schneider

Afghanistan is now another radical Islamic State – like Iran. It was created by President Biden. Steve Hilton properly gives CNN the credit for exposing just how horrible the new lives for Afghanis has become. Why? All so that Joe Biden can make a speech and declare that the War Against Radical Islam from 9/11 is over. Well, Hilton properly points out that not only is it not true that the battle against radical Islam is over – it is now entering a new beginning – with Iran and Afghanistan run by militant clerics.

There are also a few very important points here. In Afghanistan, what was done was not just a retreat, but a total surrender. But it was much more than that. When Jimmy Carter’s policies led to Iran falling into the hands of the Ayatollahs, at least Jimmy Carter didn’t arm the Ayatollahs. President Biden literally handed the Afghanis an arsenal that can and is at present supplying an Army of tens of thousands of militants.

We will hear from these militants. But for now, they are consolidating their power within the country. It may take months or maybe even a year or two, but soon, we will hear much more from the new and improved terror center in Kabul. And it will all be with weapons that were Made in the USA. It is time for America to make a sweeping change in Congress in 2022 in order to handcuff this Presidency from implementing more horrendous policies.

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