Israeli PM Gives Urgent Message to President Biden about Iran

by Leah Rosenberg

Israeli PM Naftali Bennett has a crucial message for the Biden administration. The question is: Will they listen?

Israeli PM Tries to Wake up Biden

The Biden administration is sleeping. Or they are so ignorant. Or they live in another reality? There are just no words for how unaware they are of the truth and what they need to do to lead the free world. They continue to appease Iran instead of taking a strong stand against the number one state sponsor of terror.

It seems that President Biden and his admin have no concept of the consequences of their actions. They act without thinking – the way they did in Afghanistan.

The existence of Israel is at stake here. If America is Israel’s strongest ally, President Biden should be taking the Iranian threat seriously. This is not even only about Israel. Israel is just at the frontlines fighting the war on terrorism for the entire world. The only answer is to have Israel’s back and to stand strong against Iran.

Col. Kemp

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